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Thursday, 18 July 2013 06:04
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Check List

It is important to have all of your branding working through all of your marketing materials, you may not be a large corporate business but that doesn't mean you don't have to look like one. I have put some simple tips below to assist with your on line presence.

Market your business like you mean it!

Domain Name: Is your domain name a reflection of your business? Is it to long? Lets' say your business sells shoes and your business is called "Burts Best Shoes You Can Buy" having a domain name - is to long, sure it is your business name. Your email address would be something like this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The preferable name might be this domain name also works better with search engines. It reflects your business as you only have the best shoes and it is easy to relay your email address.

Website Navigation: Is your site easy to navigate? It should be easy on the eye and when your potential customer is there it should only take them a maximum of three clicks to get where they want to go. Make it as easy as possible for them to purchase from you or at least make contact. They require an easy path to the most important aspects of your business, such as your services and contact information.

Social Posting: Are you able to market the content of your site to your social media? It is important that you are proactive with your website you cannot hope and wait for search engines to find your information. By posting articles that are on your site to the social media's allows for traffic to flow to your site. Do some research there are applications that can be added to most sites that makes this process easy, most are called auto-post.

Logo: Do you have a logo that defines your business and is it displayed on all of your sites pages? Keeping your logo flowing through to all of your marketing materials ensures that your business is branded correctly, building consumer confidence. 

Website Design: Does your website define your business colours and is the text on each page consistent and legible?  Are the pages on your site easy on the eye and are the pictures telling a story as well as easy loading. Having pictures formatted to large takes longer to load slowing down the speed of your site making visitors leave sooner. Also are your pictures named to what your article is about if they are that assists search engines to tag your data.

Website: Is your website a platform or purely a HTML site. Using platforms like Wordpress, Joomla and Dupal makes it easier to upgrade your site without having to totally rebuild saving you and your business time. money and frustration. These platforms also use a content management system so you don't have to pay every time you require a new page or to update the contents of the page or pages.

Testimonials: Letters from your raving fans added to your site is one of the best marketing tools you can have right there up in lights, builds confidence relays a message that you and your business is the right business to deal with. One important factor, these testimonials have to be real with a way that the consumer can verify. So get permission that you are able to include your clients email or phone number at the bottom of the letter, if it is not there or the client won't give permission, DON'T USE IT.

Customers: Give yourself the best chance of earning the business, research your ideal clients and anticipate their questions and know what their buying motives are. Know their pain points, nothing sells faster than a consumer with a pain. Have a flat tyre and what is your first requirement? To get it fixed so you can drive on, well it is the same with most people if they have a problem they will look for the best and easiest solution.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is your site easily found with the type of words your ideal client will type into a search engine? Is it on the first three pages if not consider having it optimised. Research shows that if your site is not within the first three your business will be missing what it was designed for and that is drawing sales to your door.

Contact us for a free assessment on your current site to see what improvements we can make, lets make your business soar!!!   

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