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Unleash your marketing machine

Before you spend one cent

Your website can be the most powerful marketing machine that you own but before you part with any of your hard earned money with any website designer in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, to build your website! Have you really considered how you would like your site to look as well as how your advertising/marketing plan fits with your new website? Designing a website is only half the picture, what is required with the website is a plan, setting it out to suit how you are going to attract visitors, but not only lookers they must be your ideal potential customers.

When making a website Webdotcom places it into your marketing plan this way your business get the right website that will have customers beating your door down to get what you are selling. If not planned or handled correctly it can be a white elephant.

There are, like most industries cowboys in the website building game that over promise everything and when you have spent what they have ask for, you can't even get them to return your call.

When considering venturing into an on line marketing strategy there are many items that are required to make for a successful outcome for your business. It is not just the website and how it looks, it is what goes with it. Below are items that every person who owns a business should implement or have implemented if they are to make their on-line marketing strategy work successfully for them.

Your Marketing Plan

At Webdotcom we don't just build websites we construct a 24 hour 7 days a week salesperson for your business and yes they can even take the money right there on the site if required. We have more than 25 years experience in the marketing game as well as the right marketing know how to successfully design, market and implement the best on-line strategy for you.

Let's start by giving you some information that will kick off your on-ling business marketing plan. So whether you use our service or someone else you will have the best start to succeed. Firstly, the type of business you have plays a major roll in how and what strategy to use, there is no point in having a one size fits all approach to your marketing needs. So first of all, what is required is to identify your ideal client, by doing so will give you an idea of where and who they are! This then leads to localising your marketing plan which is great, no point in spending money in areas that will be of no benefit to your business.

Is your business a service or a product supplier? Why ask this? Simple if your business supplies a service then designing a website revolves around the type of clients that will be drawn to the site, it will be more information seekers. This is also true of products sales but with one major difference the consumer can purchase the product on-line anywhere and more likely be price conscience with a service orientated business it is the point of difference as well as building a need. So with a service type business we have to build the site more around trust and need factors with a call to action and the product supplier around a guarantee, best in the market and a call to action factor. (Product: one off sale prices, run out on sock, hot items and the like).

6 Keys to a great Marketing Website

  1. Design - In the design it requires corporate imagery, content, usability, functionality and visually stimulating. Have you noticed you can visit one site and you get a good feel and then another you whan to leave as soon as you can? This is stimulated by colours, some colours have a calming effect while others stimulate other reactions. So the five items listed above have to work together so visitors stay longer enabling a result for your business.  
  2. Set-Out - Set-out can be one of the most important factor next to content. A website has to be set out so visitors know where to go next, your website has to incorporate a map as such. Each page leads to the next so links are made from one page to another with the goal of making a sale. Like this link it not only tells that it go to another page but it also give a description - Website Design
  3. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, this is something that all websites require to be found. SEO is not a once off experience it is require for all websites continuously, so if you are planning to have a website built, then before you do plan to spend money to market it. Your competitors are! Talk to us to find out the best marketing plan that suits your budget as there are very effective ways to promote your website without spending huge amounts of money. Make no bones about it though your site does require marketing.
  4. Social Media - Social media plays a important role in marketing a website, it is one third of the requirement that Google places on all websites and the three most important of social media's are Facebook, Twitter & Google+, so if you don't have all three linked to your home page then start by setting up accounts in your business name and link them.  
  5. Call to Action - I have visited many website from all over the world and what most do not have is calls to action. Giving information away for free on the internet may be great for the people seeking that information but unless there is a result what is the point. Let face it we have a website to market and advertise our business but just having your business exposed to the world will not make your site sell so each page has to have a reason for being there, that reason is to get a result for your business "Making a Sale" So make each page tell a story and a reason to do business. 
  6. Results - Yes we have a website to obtain results and those results are making a sale, but do you know how many people have visited your site, how long and what pages they visited? How many sales have been made directly off your website? You have to have a way to see this information at a glance. Each website requires analytics's and the best program on the market is Google Analytic's so if your website does not have it get implemented.  


Keep this in mind you can have a great looking website but if you don't have your ideal clients attending you will not have what the websites primary roll is, in short you will have no SALES! UNLEASH YOUR MARKETING MACHINE WITH THE RIGHT ON-LINE SPECIALIST - WEBDOTCOM

Contacts us now for a free consultation about how to handle your personalised internet marketing strategy.   

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