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Thursday, 05 December 2013 10:00
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Websites Beyond the expected

Consumers are using the internet right now!

They are researching products, services and even buying online across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and right around the world, having the right designed website now is more important than ever before and it will be your most valuable asset when they look online for you!

Webdotcom specialises in developing and designing the most advanced websites that focus on turning those lookers into buyers, making your phone and email run hot. We use one of the most advanced platforms available in todays market, Joomula but that means very little to you what does, having your very own website that consumers find easy and navigate so they get what they are looking for and then they contact you. 


Website design these days is easy, it must be there are a lot of people doing it - have a look at the amount of businesses online, try typing into any search engine "web design Brisbane" there are pages and pages.

So how do you pick the right business to design your next or new website?

Have a look at the picture heading this article, do you want your next potential client opening your website and seeing a giant turtle? Website design is not just about the looks, it is what is on the inside "Content", as well as the right pages in the right place so people are able to find what you are telling them. Ensuring they get a great feel about doing business with you and your business.

Every website Webdotcom designs is set to a plan, this plan is based around your ideal client in your ideal market place and the content of your website reflects that so you can capture your fair share.  The internet alows every business the opportunity to play in a very large playing field and Webdotcom ensures that every client get the best out of that field.

Contact me now to see how I can assist you to market your business through the web of browsers on-line and turn them into buyers of your service or products.

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