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Tuesday, 10 December 2013 10:35
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24hr Power2We designed this website keeping this businesses corporate colours in mind. There are allot of companies in the power game particulary in solar. We were charged with the aim to make this website unique sokething that no other power business was using.

We achived that focusing on the long term energy use of home and business users giving the right amount of information on what is available in the market place as well as what the consumers should look for.

We use the template Stratawerks and adapted this style to suit the clients needs.



Deluxe NewsPro Module: This enable us to have your articles categorised and place in different positions throughout your site giving different effects, like play video in a pop up window.
Html Pro Module: This enables us to custom different elements even add a Google map right on the site.
Contact Wall Module: We can stylise how and who to contact with this module.
Socializer Module: This gives a new meaning to the way your social logos look and act when hovered over.
Kommento: This program allows visitors and registered members to place comments about articles on the site. It also screens out potential spammers. 


4 Pre-set Styles, 70+ Module Positions, 60+ Stock Module Suffix Styles, 
3 Mootools based Menu Styles - Suckerfish - Dropline - DualFish, RTL / LTR Support, 
Commented source files, Cross Browser Support for IE9, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome, Table-less CSS3 Template Design, Responsive CSS3 Grid, Bootstrapped Template,  Article Sidebars and Mulitple Layout Options


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