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Friday, 06 December 2013 10:00
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Content management within a website is an important factor and when setout correctly is like a road map, the signs show the wedsite travellers the way allowing them to be lead to the ultimate goal, a sale. Without correct content in your website is like a bridge that goes half way, your potential clients will be forced to turn around, in short, no contact and no sale. 

Content Planning

When planning the stages of a website for businesses in Brisbane, the main consideration is the content and how it flows. Visitors to your site must have the information they require to make an informitive desision so it is logical that we must ensure that your website and the information of your business tells the right story in a step by step page set-out. We may not know your business, sure we may have completed websites for Brisbane businesses simular to yours but there is one thing I have learned there are no two businesses alike.

We treat all websites in this manner each page is structured in away that the person reading has informitive information, a reason to stay and a call to action. You may think your business is the same as the other Accountant, Bookkeeper, Cleaner or simular business down the road it is not, each and every business has their own point of difference and that point is what a client or the next customer buys. We focus on those points and make your site a clear path to your door.

Get The Webdotcom Finish

We don't know your business now but by the time your website goes live we will and that will reflect right through your new site. Every picture, word and graphic will tell the story. That is why unlike other web developers we don't just add pages to the site so you can fill them, we work with you so that each page has the correct content that works with search engines as well as a sales tool.

Contact us now to discuss your new on line marketing strategy that will make your business soar.

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